Chanel Classic Flap Bag: A Definitive Guide

by Manuel Peters Updated On March 30, 2024 5 min read

With limited production and controlled distribution, Chanel's classic flap bag remains a coveted fashion accessory that transcends time and trends from generation to generation. 

The timeless allure of haute couture attracts fashionistas from across the globe who wish to get their hands on the puffy quilted, CC-twist locked, iconic chain-strapped Chanel bag. 

In this classic flap guide, we’ll explore the most renowned luxury brand's flap bag that has become an epitome of elegance in the fashion industry. 

About the Classic Flap Bag

Chanel, where luxury meets fashion, is a thriving global brand that first introduced its classic flap bag, the2.55, in 1955. Then onwards, it was able to market and distribute this sought-after accessory through high-profile endorsements.

The signature Chanel bag soon became the most celebrated accessory due to its Persian chic, fine craftsmanship, exquisite material, and timeless style.

Chanel solidified the brand's prestige in the modern day, where people from all walks of life love to carry the iconic CC-lock-endorsed bags. But getting your hands on a classic flap bag and becoming a Chanel aficionado takes some work.

Evolution of the Classic Flap Bag

The history of a product is what makes it legendary. The French luxury house revolutionized the original 1920 classic bag by introducing practicality and style to the design. 

Coco Chanel initially introduced the vintage flap bag, which was redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld on the50th birthday of the 2.55. These articles are now known as the reissue of 2.55. Even after dozens of transformations, the redesigned bag remains the ultimate accessory with a timeless allure. 

The classic flap bags are worth the charm and the money due to their versatility, functionality, and minimal aesthetics. Plus, you'd love to know that these bags come with variable flaps. 

Chanel Single vs Double Flap

The Chanel classic bag has two variations: single and double-flapped bags. The primary difference is that the double-flap bags have an extra interior flap separating the bag's interior from the main exterior flap. 

This meticulously crafted double-flap bag allows you to organize your essentials.Perhaps, like Coco Chanel, you can also stash your secret love letters in the zip pocket beneath the outer flap. 

Quintessential Variations of Classic Flap Bag

Choosing the right size and style is daunting when purchasing a luxury bag. With the quintessential variations of size, Chanel has combined practicality with style. 

Although vintage sizes differ, the Chanel classic flap sizes are now available in extra mini, mini, medium, and jumbo maxi sizes, all thanks to the Chanel reissue bags.

Chanel Classic Flap Mini

With the CC interlocking emblem, leather chain, and timeless quilted design, the mini flap is one of the most sought-after variations of Chanel classic bags. 

This bag may be a mini, but it can efficiently carry your essentials as it measures17cm x 13.5cm x 8cm with a 21-inch strap drop. If you're looking for a single-flap bag, this is a must-buy. 

Chanel Classic Flap Small

The classic small flap bag is the smallest double flap variation in this line, measuring23cm x 14.5cm x 6cm with a 10-inch strap drop. The small size is ideal for everyday use as it is more spacious than the mini flap. Plus, it's available in single and double flaps! 

Chanel Classic Flap Medium

Owning your first-ever Chanel bag? Let it be the classic flap medium in lambskin. It doesn't get more vintage than this. It measures25.5cm x 15.5cm x 6.5cm with a 17-inch handle drop. Besides the perfect size, the timeless grace of this cult classic 80's Chanel flap bag remains unmatched. 

Chanel Classic Flap Maxi

Larger bags have lost popularity in the last decade, but attractive pricing for a Chanel bag with single and double flap variations is tempting. 

Besides, who doesn't like carrying extra pairs of sunglasses and a couple of lipsticks with their everyday essentials? This classic flap maxi measures33cm x 23cm x 10cm and has enough room for all your handbag must-haves!

Materials and Craftsmanship 

Concerned about the material and durability of Chanel flap bags? This classic flap guide will walk you through the steps of admirable craftsmanship. 

Chanel bags are recognized for their exceptional artistry that is closely linked to their intrinsic value. Each Chanel flap bag is handcrafted by highly trained artisans with a minimum of four years of experience. 

These craftsmen utilize their expertise to produce the most well-made bags from various materials such as velvet, leather, exotic skins, calfskin, jersey, etc. 

The intricate bag-making process requires15 hours of labor with up to 180 operations. Thus, Chanel only entrusts this monumental responsibility to highly efficient artisans.

Due to this, the French luxury brand never compromises on quality. The attention to detail is just another reason for the immense popularity and value that Chanel has gained over the decades. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Classic Flap Bag?

Previously, Chanel adopted the limited supply and high demand strategy to maintain its exclusivity. However, with more walk-in stores, it has become more accessible for Chanel enthusiasts to find a classic flap bag.

Some classic flap bags like the mini are a seasonal variation. Therefore, getting your hands on that specific bag may be challenging. But other classic flap bags are released consistently throughout the year, all thanks to the high demand. 

Value and Resale Market

Our classic flap guide is incomplete without mentioning the price increment of Chanel bags. Gone are the days when stocks were your only investment. The French luxury house has regular price increments, resulting in the bags holding their value. 

In fact, the gradual price increments and the vintage value of Chanel resulted in a black crocodile tote bag beingauctioned at $107,000, which set the record for the most expensive Chanel bag sold at an auction. Previously, in 2018,the most expensive Chanel bag auction was for $32,500.

This consistent price hike helps you upgrade your collection and recoup most of your money when you resell it. 

The robust demand for Chanel bags doesn't seem to die down, and in the coming years, we can only expect it to rise. 

So, if you're looking to expand your purse collection in the face of continuous price hikes with Chanel-core hype, worry not. Your bag's condition, rarity, and demand will not put your investment at a loss anytime soon. 


The average prices for Chanel flap bags are around $5,000 to $11,500. However, some may cost even more due to their material, size, and edition. Here's theretail price for Chanel flap bags. 

  • $4,900 for Classic Mini Rectangular Flap Bag
  • $9,600 for Classic Small Flap Bag
  • $10,200 for Classic Medium Flap Bag
  • $11,000 for Classic Jumbo Flap Bag
  • $11,500 for Classic Maxi Flap Bag

In-store bags are often sold before they get a chance to sit on the shelf. Therefore, many purchase pre-owned flap bags for30% less than retail prices. However, these articles may secure higher prices at auction houses. 

Embrace the Legacy by Styling the Timeless Chanel Classic Flap Bag

The unparalleled craftsmanship, richhistoire, and captivating appeal make Chanel bags an essential wardrobe item. The versatility of these timeless classics allows you to style them as a casual everyday bag.

Not only that, but the prestige of a Chanel classic flap makes it appropriate for haute couture. So, in every decade, styling a Chanel classic flap bag will give you endless opportunities to embrace its legacy and create a fashion statement anywhere you go! 


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